The Batman 2021 Sets Revealed!

LEGO has recently dropped images of the upcoming LEGO The Batman sets for us all to enjoy. We have images of four sets at this time, and to be completely honest, I think they are all great. I was actually concerned that we were not going to get sets based off of this movie because of how dark the trailers for the film have been so far. But I am happy to report that this is not the case! So let's take a look at these sets!

The smallest set of the lineup is Batman and Selina Kyle Motorcycle Pursuit; the set comes with 149 pieces and will retail for $14.99. This set reminds me immediately of the old Catwoman Catcycle City Chase set from 2012, which I think is a good thing. I find it most odd that Catwoman is not called by her villain name in the set name. Personally, I think this is a half-decent set. It will definitely be the best way to get the new Batman figure, but I think that the Catwoman figure is kinda boring. I also think that the motorcycles are a bit too chunky for my tastes. I do really like the inclusion of the extra head for Batman in the set, and I hope that this will transfer over to other themes and superheroes.

Up next is the Batmobile: The Penguin Chase, which comes with 392 pieces and will cost $29.99. I think that the price is actually kind of a steal with a low price per piece ratio. I think the design of the set is interesting, but that is no fault of the designers. I just think that the new Batmobile has taken an interesting design approach. I think it does a good job of recreating the vehicle. I think that the blue flames are a bit much, but that can easily be changed. The Batman in this set is the same as the last one, but he comes with a different alternate head. Unfortunately, I think that the Penguin figure is kind of bland, but I think that this is just due to the more subdued and grounded vibe of the film. 

The last system set is the Batcave: The Riddler Face-Off which is the largest and most expensive of the wave at $79.99. Unfortunately, this set is a bit overpriced with only 581 pieces. I think that this set is the most lackluster of the wave. To me, it just feels underwhelming and empty for a Batcave. This is a very different take on the Batcave, but I feel like this set should have a bit more play elements present in it, especially with that price tag. Catwoman and Batman return in this set with no changes made to them. I think that the rest of the figures are pretty okay, I think it is funny that Alfred seems to use that classic LEGO suit torso. 

The last set is a Technic set, which is not something that I would have seen coming. I am not a Technic aficionado, so this set doesn't really pique my interest. I do think that it is a much better-looking Batmobile than the regular system one. The set will cost $99.99, which I guess is par for Technic sets. The best part of this set is the integration of light bricks, which will definitely make the thing fun to play with. Honestly, I wouldn't mind if LEGO released more sets like this alongside other films.

I really like these sets, but I feel like they are just a little boring. Maybe it is because they all retread on familiar Batman sets that we have gotten plenty of times before. The blandness of the Minifigures does very little to sell me on these sets since Minifigs are the main things that draw me to sets. But they are still great, and it is very exciting to see them all release so soon.