LEGO Terrain MOC

Hi everyone!
My younger brother and I were waging war with our LEGO stuff. I had all of my Galactic Empire things and my little brother had his Rebels and his Ninja team. Then I came to the conclusion that I needed battle terrain. So, I built these.

I started with green baseplates and simply built up.

This was the first thing I built. I wanted to have a little advanced/tech stuff hidden by the foliage. The large tree pieces serve as good cover.

I made little notches to allow the minifigs to shoot out.

I next built a energy shield thing with flick missiles on the side. This one is pretty basic as well.

This one also allows the minifig to peek out.

I felt like I was on a roll, so I built more. I have a rock piece in my collection from a LEGO Star Wars set I got ages ago. I thought it looked like a really cool piece to use in a basic terrain thing.

Rock elements like that have a bad reputation for making LEGO sets too simple. I like the small ones, but the notorious BURP is ugly.

The inside has generous space, I added a communications station on the inside.

My next terrain bit has a rocket launcher. I found several of the Flick-Missile pieces and I decided to build a missile turret.

The turret is quite simple, but it is stable enough to withstand getting flicked four times.

I made a computer console out of  parts I could find in my bin. I keep some of my parts separate from by brother and I's collective tub. This helps me find my parts easily.

I used a printed tile to show that maybe a giant dog had walked around.

My last one was a little weak. It looks very dilapidated and overgrown. I filled it with computer consoles that I had laying around.

Essentially, I built five tiny defense points to surround my base. I devastated my brother in our LEGO war, in case you were wondering. I managed to take out his Snowspeeder with the missile turret.

Now, can you find the Minifigure hidden in the picture. :)

I hope you found inspiration to build your own terrain  so you can wage your own LEGO battles. Thanks for reading!


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