Wolverine Mech Armor Set Review!

Historically, the X-Men have been a marginalized group of the Marvel Universe, and somehow this has also transferred over to the way LEGO releases X-Men sets. Due to the film rights for the X-Men being at 20th Century Fox, the mutants have received only a handful of sets over the ten years of LEGO Marvel Superheroes. But at long last, LEGO has graced us with a new set for the X-Men!


Set Details:

Wolverine Mech Armor
Price: $9.99
Pieces: 141
Minifigures: 1
Year: 2022

For me, the worst part about this set was simply finding a copy of it. I am a stubborn person and I was unwilling to pay for shipping for a ten-dollar LEGO set. However, Wolverine is my favorite Marvel hero, and I needed to get a copy as soon as I could. I had my hopes up that I would stumble across the set in stores. This was not the case. I frequented my local Targets, checked Walmarts while shopping for groceries, and I even stopped at a LEGO store, but to no avail. It seems that people are very excited about the return of Wolverine because I found plenty of the sister sets to this one on shelves. Oddly enough, I stumbled upon this set when I was home with my parents in the rural part of the state. I got the set as soon as I saw it. But as fate would have it, I had no problem finding the set once I had it in my hands. 

The set has a short, but enjoyable building experience. I appreciate the bright yellow and dark blue elements in this set since I do not have a lot of those colors within my collection. The process is a simple build, and I doubt it took me more than ten minutes to complete. 

Obviously, Wolverine is the highlight of this set. I love the molded headpiece; the quality of the part is reflected by it being a dual-molded element. His torso print is satisfactory. I would have preferred a bit more detail, but it works just fine. What is not acceptable is the legs of the Minifigure. I think that the plain legs do not cut it. I would have preferred for them to be dual molded since the Miles Morales Mech set did have that. At the least, he should have a touch of leg printing to continue the designs from his torso. The head-prints are really good, but, unfortunately, the set did not come with a hairpiece so you could use the alternate face. Despite my disappointments, I am really happy that I have this figure. 

I was surprised by how much I like the build of this set. My first experience with the mech sets was with the Thanos one from 2020, and the set did not live up to my expectations. This set exceeds the expectations that I had. It looks extremely good; I often catch myself just staring at it on my shelf. Details like the belt that fully encompasses the mech's waist or the giant X on its chest make it stand out from the other sets. The set is well proportioned, so much so that this feels more like a buildable action figure than a mech suit. The only disproportionate part would be the massive claws, but I really love how large they are. The claws seem like they could do some damage, which adds to the intimidation factor. 

When I bought this set, I was expecting to keep the figure on display and hide the mech in storage. But it just looks too good, and I cannot fault the set too much because it is only ten dollars. I absolutely give this set my recommendation. I pray that this set sells well enough to justify more X-Men sets; I would love to fill out my collection with my favorite mutants.