LEGO Dimensions Cyberman Fun Pack Review

Hey, everyone!
January 19th saw the release of the third wave of the LEGO Dimensions sets. As a Whovian, I desperately wanted the Cyberman Fun Pack.  So that Saturday, I went to Toys R Us and purchased my set.
I emptied the box and two bags of parts plus a instruction manual came out. I built the Cyberman Minifigure and read the back of the booklet.
I was shocked to see the that they didn't include the instructions in the set.
So, I went to and downloaded the instructions. Thankfully, I will be able to reveiw all three builds shown on the back of the box.
First off, you get the Cyberman minifig.  
If you have very little Doctor Who background, don't worry. The Cybermen are a race of cyborgs that want to "Upgrade" the universe into their own image. They are one of the classic villains from Doctor Who.

Anyway, This version is based on the 2013 version which I refer to the "Chima" or "Iron Man" Cyberman. He has the blue light in the center of his chest. The hip piece printing is a little crooked. The minifigure is a perfect representation of the actual character.
The head piece is a new mold for this year. It looks great; I think it has exceptional molding. 
The Minifigure has a toy tag that fits his theme. I won't be playing the Dimensions game, but it still works well as a stand. (EDITOR: He can blame his parents who've ruled out another video game addiction after our Minecraft experience.) 
The first build of the Dalek is a normal Dalek.
The parts are mostly in dark tan to fit the color scheme of the ones in the show. Daleks are the most well know of the Doctor Who villains. They are a race of mutants in battle armor that want to "Exterminate" all life forms but themselves.
The inside is a bit complicated, it uses parts used in the other builds.
The dome on the top is a printed piece used in this set and the Doctor Who Ideas set. It shows the lights and the stalk where the eve moves up and down.
The second rebuild is a "Fire 'n Ride" Dalek. This is totally not in any of the Doctor Who episodes I've seen.
It has a main cannon that shoots off. It reminds me of the Special Weapons Dalek
The back has a lever for the Cyberman to control it.
I added one of the spare levers to the side to give him two controls.
The last build is the Silver Shooter Dalek. It has a rocket launcher and floats above the ground.
It uses the parts to good advantage. I think it looks okay for something LEGO came up with using a limited amount of parts.
I feel that this one is my favorite of the rebuilds, it looks really cool and more advanced than the regular Dalek. 
I love this set. It comes with an exclusive Minifigure and a Dalek. I think the prints are great and the Dalek is fun to have. The only downside is that it is super expensive. It costs 15 dollars in the US. I think it is a good set to get if you are a big Doctor Who fan or if you want the in-game content.

I plan to build plenty of MOCs with these figures, so you'll see them soon. 
Anyway, Thanks for reading!


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