LEGO Star Wars Mandalorian Battle Pack Review!

Welp, this is a strange occurrence. I haven't posted a full review of a set since November.  That is probably a record for me at this point. But in this horrible quarantine season, I am compelled to do things to keep me entertained. Seriously, I logged into Facebook the other week because I was bored. Facebook! One of the other things keeping me going are the new episodes of the Clone Wars coming out every Friday.  I have had a kind of personal Star Wars reawakening after a bit of off time from the franchise. I mean I was still disappointed with The Rise of Skywalker, but The Mandalorian and The Clone Wars have kept some of my faith in the franchise alive.

However shaken my faith in the Star Wars franchise is after Episode 9, I will always love a good LEGO Star Wars set. And I definitely love a good battle pack. And I will be honest, the Mandalorian Battle pack is one of the best Battle Packs LEGO has released in a while. It is a good callback to the Mandalorian Battle Pack from 2011, while still using the improvements from modern LEGO design. So, lets us get into this.

In typical battle pack fashion, this set is all about the figures, and this set does not disappoint. You get four fairly well detailed Mandalorian troopers. Unfortunately, each of them comes with a stud blaster, but I will not beat that dead horse. Also, each trooper comes with a plain black head rather than an angry clone face. I do kind of wish we got generic faces for these figures instead of a plain head. I really like all the colorful prints. The capes are all quite nice too. Also, it is good to note that the green and gray Mandos are females, and this is the first time we have gotten an unnamed female Mandalorian, which is nice.

The primary build of this set is a small Balurar Swoop bike, which is a vehicle that also came in the previous Mando Battle Pack. I really think that this is a solid build. It is definitely swooshable and is a lot of fun. The two stud blasters on the speeder are nice in this instance. I also think that the drab colors work really well in this instance.

The other side build is a bit of terrain that you can put a dude in. It doesn't do much for me, I would much rather have had a small turret akin to the one in the previous Mandalorian Battle Pack.

Overall, this is a really good set. The price isn't too bad, and you get four really well detailed figures. The swoop bike is really nice, and the small terrain build doesn't bother me too much. I would definitely recommend buying this set, it may be one of my favorite Star Wars sets from this year.