LEGO 123 Sesame Street, Playable Piano and Pirate Bay are our next LEGO Ideas sets.

A few days ago, the LEGO Ideas team revealed the next few LEGO Ideas sets. I am personally quite pleased with some of these.

The Playable Piano made by SleepyCow. This build has a really cool and functional design that I really appreciate. It also has Power Functions built in, so this should be really cool.

123 Sesame Street by bulldoozer21 may be my favorite. It is such a fitting license, and I think it will sell really well. I watched a ton of Sesame Street when I was really little, but unfortunately I cannot remember this anymore. I think this is a fantastic build and I cannot wait for the final product. 

Finally, we have The Pirate Bay by Bricky_Brick. I really like this one too. I was never able to get the pirates sets when they were around, so maybe I can try to get this one. I think this is a stunning build and I am excited to see what becomes of it. 

One set is still being reviewed. Anatomini by Stephanix will get approved or rejected at a later date. I think that this set has an interesting premise and I hope it does get the green flag. 

So that is the next LEGO Ideas lineup! I know many people will be upset that The Office did not make it; I would assume to to licensing conflicts. I think the rejection of the BFR may have something to do with its name. However, we do have this next series of projects that will be reviewed in early 2020!