The state of this site.

So, it has been a month since I have posted anything; it feels weird to be back on here. I have finished my junior year, and summer has begun. However, I managed to miss the reveal of the Stranger Things set and the Moon Module set, which worries me since I had the time to write about them. This site has grown a ton, especially in the last six months. But, I have become busy with personal projects and haven't found the time for this hobby of mine. I built with LEGO for fun for the first time in probably years yesterday. This reminded me how disconnected I am from the hobby that takes up a ton of my money. It felt good to be back, and it reminded me of what I was missing.

Speaking of money, I am fairly broke at the moment, which makes buying sets to review kind of hard. This stalls not only the reviews here, but the video reviews that I have started to do. Monetizing the site isn't an option for me, since I am a minor. Maybe I could get a parent to set it up for me. But I doubt traffic here is large enough to warrant ads. Getting a job is out of the question, since I am much too busy to actually work.

This leaves me without content. The Brick Archive was an experiment to see if I could try something else, but that series wasn't enough. The Set Review series on YouTube seems promising, but it relies on absurdist humor and sleep deprivation. Gaming content isn't possible due to our "gaming" PC not being powerful enough. Livestreams would be cool, but I have nothing to stream. More opinionated content would be interesting, so maybe that could come in the future. But it seems I have run out of content ideas or content to make. I feel like this site has no set directive or place to go. I have stagnated.

So, if you have any ideas you want to share, or are interested in contributing here, then email me at or leave a comment below.

Thank you for being here for me,