T-Rex Breakout Review! (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom)

More Dinosaurs! I'm sorry, but I really love LEGO Dinosaur sets. LEGO released this set in April, so I am a little behind on reviewing it. This is a Juniors set, so the builds are simplified and there are no stickers. But I actually enjoy these sets, even though they are meant for small children.

This set retails for $49.99 in the U.S. It comes with 150 pieces, so the price per part ratio is pretty high, but many of the pieces are quite large. There are three Minifigures in this set and a T Rex or two.

One of the main reasons I asked for this set for Christmas is because of the Jurassic World gate. Granted, this is a simplified version, but it is what we have. The majority of the gate is a large piece with printing on it. There are a couple of doors, which are held together by a printed 1x4 plate. There are a couple of bricks that extend upwards to finish the gate. There is a printed sign held up. There are four torches on the front. The ones held to the structure by jumper plates are pretty loose and have a tendency to fall off. There is a sloped road in front of the gate, which I assume is the monorail track. There is a arm extending from the main structure that holds a hot dog. I absolutely love it; it is great, nonsensical LEGO humor. I haven't gotten my hands on one of these yet. I love the new bun mold that holds the sausage piece. Opposite the hot dog is a ladder, which you can pose figures on. The most annoying part is that the figures can't reach it from the ground.

To the left of the gate is a bit fence from the park. The girder pieces are loosely attached, so that a dinosaur can bust through them. In front of the fence is a power switch for the fence.

There is a little car included in the set. It does not seem to be able to resist a dinosaur attack. The base is one large piece. The back of the car has a compartment in which you can store a tray with a dinosaur egg. The sides have a nice Jurassic World logo print on them.

There is also a small science station. There is a map of the island, as well as a pen for the baby T-Rex. Next to the map are a couple of containers for eggs. Also in the science lab thing is a pen for a baby Tyrannosaur, which is a really cute little mold. But I really don't think it is a good idea for them to have the baby T-Rex; didn't they learn the "don't steal a baby T-Rex" rule in The Lost World?

There are three Minifigures in this set. Claire Dearing, who appears in another set, is a decent Minifigure, but lacks and leg printing.

The scientist Minifigure has a nice torso print. The head print is pretty nice to get as well. I like that they included an alternate face for him. He also comes with a stick for some reason, I guess it is for him to play with the baby Rex.

And last is the guard, who bears a resemblance to the ACUs from the first film. He has a nice torso print, and his head is reused from the Scarecrow Special Delivery set from The LEGO Batman Movie.

The best part of this set is the T-Rex. This version of Rexy is my favorite; I am not much of a fan of the one released in T-Rex Transport. The articulation is similar to the Carnotaurus, which was in a recent review. I really like the color scheme on this one. The head mold is pretty great, but it is kinda upsetting that she cannot hold a full Minifigure in her mouth. I also like how her colors are similar to the colors of the baby T-Rex.

Overall, I like this set. It's not super innovative or anything, but it gave us a version of the iconic Jurassic Park gate. I love the T-Rex, but I am partial to dinosaurs. The set should be fun for younger builders, but I will not test that out by letting my siblings get their hands on my LEGO. I would recommend this set for younger fans, but it may be better to buy the T-Rex transport for older fans. (Even if this T-Rex is better!) What are your opinions? Please leave any thoughts in the comments.