Unikitty! Cloud Car Review

Well, I think I have a small Unikitty obsession. My parents know this and took advantage of it when buying me a present after Nutcracker season ended. I was ever grateful, because I really can't afford to buy LEGO for myself. They surprised me with a LEGO Unikitty set. I'm really happy that I got this set; it is such a strange bundle of fun.

This set retails for $9.99 in the U.S., and it comes with 126 pieces. The set has three "Minifigures," but I am pretty sure they aren't quite Minifigures.

The first and foremost of the figures is Unikitty herself. This version of the character is much more stylized than her appearance in The LEGO Movie. The horn color, the hoof colors and the tail printing is much more vibrant. The face is stylized and it looks more cutesy as a result. The best part of the new Unkitty figure is that the neck attachment has been improved. The base Unikitty's head has a 1x3 inverted tile with a 3:18 bar hole in it. This connects to a 1x1 piece with a shaft to create a much more stable connection. I am very happy that this was improved, because the first Unikittys head falls off all the time.

FeeBee is something else. She is some sort flower-bee-thing. It is an interesting character design. She has a flower piece attached to her head. Her wings are made of small heart pieces, which look pretty cool. Her arms are kinda strange looking. Her face is really creepy, it just doesn't look right.

Square Bear is really cute. I think the design of him is really fun. The idea of a pink bear cube thing is pretty silly, but I think it works. Its not too spectacular build wise, but it is a fun, simple character.

Square Bear gets a little house, which is made from a crate and a 1x3 angled plate. Its really simple, but Square Bear can't even fit in it. There is also a bowl full of cookies for him to eat.

There is also a little side build with a crystal and a few flowers. I don't know why this is in here, it looks pretty odd. The parts are nice, but I wished that they would have been used for Square Bear's house instead. The thing that annoys me the most is that the Crystal is not attached to the grassy area.

The Cloud Car is the best part of this set. It has a set of rainbow wings. The propeller is a little sun like thing that spins on a 2x2 turntable. The rear has a flag and a couple of engines. The engines can be slightly adjusted. Unikitty has a small seat, which fits her. I wish that there was at least one stud to hold her down, because when the plane goes upside down, she falls out. The ship has a couple of stud blasters, which I assume are not weapons. Its a fun little build, and its a lot of fun to play with.

 Overall, this is a fun set. I love the new Unikitty design and the plane is a lot of fun. Square Bear is a fun character as well. However, I feel like some of the side builds are a bit useless and FeeBee is really creepy. I think that this set is innocent fun, which is not something most sets have. The set isn't violent, its just fun. I think that is the reason that I like Unikitty so much. I find my life all hard and rough, but here is a character who is always happy. Sorry for getting all deep on you guys, but what are your thoughts? Thank You for reading!