LEGO TIE fighter MOC

Hello guys (and gals.)

I saw  Star Wars: The Force Awakens a while ago, but the topic is still in my mind. It was a few days after Christmas when I finally got to see it. If you haven't seen it, the movie is really enjoyable and fun. I loved the redesigned TIE fighters in the movie. (I will say no more to avoid spoilers.)

I wanted my own tie fighter similar to the movie variant with two pilots and a gunner, but I wanted to make it my own. I put some Shadowtroopers in to stand in as pilots.

I added a bunch of printed tiles to make it look similar to the interiors of the movie TIE fighters.

The dish piece is intended to be an access hatch for maintenance. The 2x4 slopes on the engine attachment being two colored was intentional. I wanted it to look like the squadrons were color coded, like the Clone Trooper Battalions.

I made the wings smaller than the usual TIE Fighter. I made this TIE fighter as an advanced version of the ones in A New Hope, so it has smaller wings because the craft is more efficient. It went along something like that.

I made a rear blaster on the bottom of the craft. It utilizes a spring loaded shooter and it can turn left and right in a full circle.

The gunner can use the gun to fire forward and backwards.

I actually used a car windshield for the rear window, I could find no other alternative, since most of my cockpits are on other ships.

So that sums up my MOC for today. I hope you guys enjoyed reading,
and it seems the pilot got impatient and took off without his gunner.

Thanks for reading!


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