Minecraft 2019 Sets Revealed!

Promobricks revealed the 2019 LEGO Minecraft sets. I like the cheaper End battle set, but the Pirate Ship steals the cake. I am really happy to see mobs from the Update Aquatic in LEGO form. The turtle and the dolphin look amazing. The Minifigure scale parrot looks good as well.  I love the transition from Steve and Alex Minifigures to custom skins that can actually be unlocked in game. I find the concept of the new Bigfigs to be interesting. I think they look cool, but they aren't my cup of tea. Anyways, what do you think? Leave your thoughts in a comment below.

The Last Stand - 222 Pieces 

The Pirate Ship Adventure - 386 Pieces

Bigfig Steve with Parrot - 159 Pieces

Bifig Alex with Chicken - 160 Pieces

Bigfig Skeleton with Magma Cube - 142 Pieces