Mega Construx Xenomorph Review (Mega Construx Heroes)

I love Science Fiction. It is literally my favorite genre of fiction. I watched Alien and Aliens for the first time over the summer, and I fell in love with the design of the Xenomorphs in the movie. Mega Construx did an excellent job on recreating the character for their Heroes line, but I missed the initial figure, but thankfully, Mega has released another on in series three. These figures retail for around five dollars, and they can be found in most stores.

The Xenomorph comes with some assembly required. The tail must be attached via a ball joint, and the large claws clip onto the arms. You also have to build the small stand that the figure goes on. The set comes with a couple of Facehuggers, but we'll get to those later. 

This figure is fabulous. The mold detailing is well done, like most Mega Construx figures. The torso is one piece with the spines sticking out the back of the body. The green splatter is apparently green slime, but I am pretty sure its Xenomorph blood. The green goo is also seen on the head and upper right leg. The arms have attachments that simply clip onto the lower arm. I think they look great. 

The hips have a Xenomorph exclusive piece that allows the tail to attach. I love the range of motion on the tail. One thing that kind of annoys me is that the upper leg segment is a preexisting piece used on their Call of Duty figures. I looks nothing like an alien. The lower leg segments are really nice though. 

The head is an excellent mold, it is literally perfect. There is a little hole in the mouth which I assume will be used for the second mouth of the Xenomorph if they release another one. However, the print for the teeth is off, but isn't too noticeable. The worst part of the paint of the figure is that every part of the body has a metallic wash but the head. It makes the figure look kind of odd. 

Two Facehuggers are included in this set. One is able to go over a figure's head; I absolutely love this feature. The mold is great and it seems to be able to go over most heads. 

The other Facehugger is in a crawling position. The tail can be held by most figures. The mold is spectacular here too. It probably would have been cool to have the underside printed, but it is fine. 

I really like this figure. The molds are insanely well done. It looks as intimidating as the in-universe creatures. I love the range of motion and the metallic wash on (most of) the body. The printing is a little lacking, but at this point  I think that is to be expected. I would definitely recommend this set, because it is really cool. That's all for now, thanks for reading!

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