LEGO Jurassic Park III was a thing? (The Brick Archive)

I freaking love the Jurassic Park Franchise. I still haven't watched the newest installment, but I did watch Jurassic Park III again, against my better judgement. Its not an awful movie, it just was a letdown compared to the other movies. Why am I even defending this? LEGO had some tie in products for their LEGO Studios line in the early 2000's. There were two sets: Spinosaurus Attack and Raptor Rumble. They are both loosely based on the movie; there are no characters from the Jurassic Park franchise in this set. Instead, they have Johnny Thunder? I really don't understand.

The Raptor Rumble is technically the larger of the two sets by two pieces. It has two awful looking brick built Raptors in the style of the Dinosaurs Sets from 2001.The Pteranodon is built in a similar style. I'll be frank, these look awful compared to their modern relatives. The main build of the set is the entrance to the birdcage in the movie. It is very basic and does not hold up to modern standards. Also, there is one cameraman, to make this set actually fall into the Studios lineup, I think they could have left him out and just branded this as its own theme.

But that's not all! There is also a set based on the beginning of the movie. The Spinosaurus Attack retailed for twenty dollars, just like the other set. The plane is basic, but it is similar to the modern style of small LEGO commercial planes. The Spinosaurus looks like it has seen better. I respect what the designers were able to accomplish for the limitations of 2001. I do think the tree is pretty good. The cameraman has a little stand to film on. 

I find it funny that the dinosaurs were included in the sets, even though they were all poorly done CGI. I think we will have to respect what the designers were able to do for that time, and pray that a decent looking LEGO Spinosaurus will one day make it into a LEGO set. 

What are your thoughts? Do you like these sets? Let me know in the comments!