LEGO Jurassic Park Velociraptor Chase

I love Jurassic Park. I have watched the movie several times, I have read the books, I display the Jurassic World set I own on my shelf. But I felt that the first wave of Jurassic sets was missing a few things. Namely Jurassic Park themed sets. But now, they have finally done it. We have a Jurassic Park LEGO set y'all. I may be a little excited. Just a little bit. So, this set is currently retailing for around forty dollars in the United States. It has 360 pieces, four Minifigs, and a Raptor.

From: Brickset

The set is somewhat modular. It can be separated into 3 parts, but it cannot be attached in another way. The three sections are the Embryo storage, the kitchen and the control room. The heaviest focus falls on the control room, while the kitchen seems to be the most basic section.

The control room is probably the best part. It has the dark red and dark grey color scheme, which works well. I love the Jurassic Park logo sticker on the window. The window itself can be pushed out by a raptor. Next to the window is a map of Isla Nublar, the location of the park. The map is above a crate with various items: a wrench, a walkie talkie, and an umbrella. I love being able to finally get that piece. A little phone unit is next to the crate.

Nedry's desk is right next to the window looking into the embryo storage room. I love how they used the rounded 1x1 tile as a mouse. I think the stickered console with Nedry is hilarious. The park map is cool too. Behind the computer is a little locking mechanisim for the door. You push on the red Technic piece sticking out, and it locks the door. It is a simple but effective play feature. Speaking of the door, it is a pretty good build, but a little out of scale. If they made it large enough to fit the raptor, it would be understandable. But it doesn't fit the raptor, so I think they could have scaled it down. Alan and company cannot even look into the window.  Beside that, the door has a Technic pin hole for the lock to fit into.

Embryo storage isn't the coolest thing, but it works. There are a few steps down from the door, which is a nice touch. A security camera is attached to the wall, and I think it works. The Embryos are all exposed from their container. I do like the railing around the structure. It annoys me that there is no way for the Minifigures to walk onto the platform. There are a couple of stickers. One says danger. And yes, the sticker is crooked; I'm only human. The other one says Embryo Cold Storage Restricted. But it is kind of an odd placement. I think it would go better on a door or on the wall.

Finally, we have the kitchen. It is very simplistic in its representation. There is one counter with a few pans and a chocolate bar on it. Then there is the cabinet from the iconic scene in the movie. It could have been much better. The thing only fits one of the kids in if the figure is laying down. And it takes a bit of work to make that happen. The gelatin is a nice touch though. I feel like this part of the set was an afterthought. They could have added more without terribly altering the price.

There is a ladder that is included in the set. It is a pretty decent build for the number of pieces included in the set. It allows for Minifigures to climb up it. But it feels like an unnecessary side build and I would rather the pieces be used on the kitchen. 

There are four Minifigures in the set. They include Alan Grant, Ellie Satler, and Lex and Tim Murphy. Alan Grant is pretty great. His torso is great. His head is perfect. he even comes with an alternate headpiece for his hair. He comes with a stud blaster; I'm not too happy. I would rather him be given a more accurate gun, but I'm not gonna beat a dead horse. 

Ellie Satler is another great figure. She is pretty accurate to her appearance in the movie, but not her appearance in this particular scene. In the scene portrayed by the set, she is just wearing her tank top, but I am just nitpicking. She has leg printing that goes around her legs. The dual molding  is a very nice touch. Her alternate face is pretty great too. 

Lex and Tim Murphy are pretty great. I would have liked for them have different face prints. I love their torso prints, they are both incredibly accurate. I love the figures. I do wish Lex could have used the new mid legs introduced in the LEGO Harry Potter CMF Series. I also think Lex's hair should be blonde, as the character in the movie is actually blond. 

Well, I thought I finished the post, but I managed to leave out one of the best parts of the set. The raptor is pretty great. It is just a redskin of the raptors used in the Dino theme. I'm not against it though. This dinosaur uses a darker color scheme: dark brown and medium nougat.  I think it is a pretty good representation for a LEGO toy, but it is not as accurate as Blue or the raptors released in 2015. The articulation is the same; the jaw opens and closes, and the arms and legs  can move via Technic pins. I love the design of the Raptors, especially in comparison to the LEGO Dino Attack ones. 

I would love for LEGO to release another set similar to this, with modules that can fit with or add onto this set. I also hope for John Hammond and Ian Malcom to eventually be released. Also, I'd love to have the Jurassic Park Jeep released. But I can't get my hopes up too high.

This set has some flaws, but no one is perfect. I wish there was more to the kitchen. It was such an iconic moment in the movie; I feel a bit let down. However, the Minifigures are perfect, the Raptor is great, and most of the build has a lot of thought put into it.. The set is basically perfect, so I recommend it.

Anyways, that's all I have for now, thanks for reading!