Mega Construx Pokemon Series 6 Charmander

Well, my little brother has introduced me to Pokemon, and I am unsure of what it is doing to me. He has been caught up in the card game, has several of the Mega Construx sets and wears Pokemon t-shirts. I mean, he might be a little obsessed, but then again, I'm fifteen going on sixteen and I still buy children's toys. I am not too familiar with the Pokemon franchise, but I am familiar enough to realize that Charizard is better than Blastoise.

Anyways, I ordered one of the Pokeball sets from Amazon, and I am quite happy with it. The packaging displays the Pokeball and the 'mon that comes in the set. Its a bit of a hastle to remove the Pokeball without destroying the packaging. The Pokeball is wrapped in a plastic seal, which is easily opened.

The contents of the Pokeball are as follows: two bags and the instructions. The instructions are an oddly long piece of printed paper. They contain ample legal notice and an advertisement for the rest of this wave of sets. The bags are easy to open, and the build is quite simple.

The Pokeball itself is also quite simple. It is split in two halves. It has studs on the top and antistuds on the bottom. However, only the bottom of the inside of the Pokeball is studded. The odd holes in the ball are where the packaging holds it. The little white part attached to the red by something similar to a Technic connection.

Charmander himself is frickin' adorable. The face print is spot on, and the shape of the head is literally perfect. His tail is really cool as well. His little stomach is adorable. I think the backside may be a little blocky, but it's alright. The feet look pretty nice, but I'd like for it to be printed. The Charmander figure does fit in his Pokeball, though I do know that some Pokemon do not fit in their Pokeballs.

The head is on a ball joint, so it has quite a bit of articulation. The arms and tail are the same way. The legs are a bit odd. They rotate side to side, in a way that allows you to do the center splits. The hands also will hold a 318 bar. (or it's Mega Construx equivalent)

This version of Charmander is slightly different than the version that came in Squirtle versus Charmander set. The face is slightly more aggressive and the tail flame is a different color. Mine is on the right in both pictures.

I think this is a pretty great set. The low price of seven dollars is pretty good for an individual collectable. I also appreciate that Mega didn't turn this into a thing similar to the LEGO Minifigures Blind Bags; it's great to be able to get a favorite Pokemon this easily. I like the Pokeball, and they are making new variants of the Pokeball, such as the Premier Ball. I'd personally recommend this set, and the other ones seem pretty great.

Anyways, that's all I have, thank's for reading!