LEGO Creator Roller Coaster Revealed!

Well... If you haven't noticed, I have been pretty bad about getting posts up when they are supposed to. I have been insanely busy with school, Boy Scouts and ballet; I have barely enough time for LEGO. But I'm still here, and I'm back with a few news posts of late.

So, LEGO has finally revealed the roller set that will make use of their new system. I mean, they have only been hinting at it by dropping their new pieces in sets for what, a year now? Well, we now have images. I will say that this set looks fantastic.

The usage of parts in this set is excellent! I love the use of the beehive as cotton candy. The lettering that says "coaster" is well done. If I had the budget, I would totally pick this up as soon as it comes out. The set retails for $379.99, and it is probably worth it. The set also supports the integration of the LEGO Boost or Power Function sets. The set has eleven Minifigures, a pretty good number. 

Well, that's all for now, thanks for reading!