LEGO Death Star 2016 official images!

Hi everyone! LEGO has just recently given us official images of the 2016 Death Star set, which is scheduled to be released September 30th.

I am so disappointed with the set. Not because it is a direct copy of the old version, but because of the 100 dollar price jump. I could barely afford it at 400 dollars, let alone 500. With the 100 dollars that you pay, you get only on extra figure and around 200 parts. I would be less upset if they added an exterior or something that would make the set better than it's predecessor. I do think it is good for the fans who want a a LEGO Death Star, but missed the old one. I was seriously considering buying this, until the 100 dollar jump.

Anyway, you can see more images here. I was too lazy to download them all, I also have homework to do. Ugh, homework!

That's all for now, thanks for reading!