Mega Bloks Minions Silly TV review

Hi everyone!

Today I have a review of the Mega Bloks Minions Silly TV set.

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I loved the Minions movie and Despicable Me before it. I was really impressed by my last Mega Bloks sets, so I decided to buy this set.

The TV is pretty good build for a seven dollar set. It looks like a proper late 60's TV. It has a grille type element to signify a audio system. It has a 3x3 printed tile with the Villain Con logo. It also has a dial to be turned. The radio sits on a 4x6 base with tiles to cover it.

The TV is two bricks thick and is plain on the other side. It also has a 2x2 turntable to turn on. I'm not too sure as to what it is for.

Stuart is the Minion included with this set. He has ball-jointed arms and turntable gloves. he has small feet, which are on ball joints, but aren't too useful for posing The eye and band are connected, the band is rubber, so you can swap it with other Minions. The overalls come off too, so you have a ton of customization opportunities.

Stuart has a umbrella and a spatula, which you can use to recreate a scene from the movie. The spatula is a pretty great mold and the umbrella is a good accessory.

Mega Bloks has a very different parts inventory than LEGO. I got quite a few cool parts.

I really liked this set. I think the TV is cool and the Minion is an amazing figure. I also liked the different parts that Mega Bloks makes for their sets.

That's all for now, thanks for reading!