My Top 15 Favorite Minifigures (As of May 2016)

Hi, everyone!
Today I decided to test out my new light box that I made by taking pictures of my top 15 favorite Minifigures as of May this year.

Starting off at the bottom of the list...

I chose the LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 10 Roman Commander. I love the helmet mold and the chest prints. I also collect some historical Minifigures so I am glad to have him in my collection. I am missing the plume that goes in the head, but I still really like this figure.

For number 14 I have the Shadow Guard from LEGO Star Wars. I really like the black and red color scheme. (Black and red are my favorite colors) I also loved the fact that he came in a relatively inexpensive set.

In at 13 I selected the Frightening Knight from LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 15. I really like all the detail that was put in the figure as well as his accessories. It was my first minifigure to have dual-molded legs.

Next in for number 12 is the ACU from LEGO Jurassic World. I really like all the printing and the vest that was used.  I also really like the hat element and the uncommon colors it the figure posseses.

In at number 11 is Harry Potter. This figure has some special significance because it was gifted to my by a friend. I love the Harry Potter saga and played with this figure quite often.

My 10th favorite minifigure is the Swamp Creature from the LEGO Monster Fighters theme. I think this figure is really adorable and I had to put him in this list. I love the detail of the printing on the torso as well as the legs.

My 9th favorite Minifigure is the Stone Armor Kai from Ninjago: Rebooted.  I always had a minor interest in LEGO Ninjago, but I really started to love the theme with the Rebooted subtheme. I was really excited to get this Minifigure for Christmas last year.

I really like the Sith, the Galactic Empire and all things evil. (In Star Wars)) The Shadow Stormtrooper is in the amazing color of gunmetal gray. I also like all the weathering on the figure.

I loved the Jurassic World movie so much that I saw it twice in theaters. I really love LEGO's interpretation of the character of Owen Grady. Although they reused Star-Lord's hair and face, I still think it is an amazing minifigure.

If you didn't already know I am a big Whovian so the Cyberman Minifigure makes it in at number 6 on this list. I love the details in the torso and the fact that he (of she) has an exclusive head mold.

I hated the animal suit Minifigures until I had one in my hands. Now that I own the Shark Suit Guy, I absolutely love them. I simply cannot express with words why I like them, I just do.

Guardians of the Galaxy is my first modern superheroes movie, and I cannot compare it to the 1960's Batman movie to it. I really loved it, though. I also really love the Rocket Raccoon Minifigure. I appreciate the new head and tail molds LEGO put into the Minifgure.

I cannot deny that Minecraft is my favorite game. I wasn't a big Minecraft player when the first wave came out, but now I am almost as obsessed with Minecraft as I am with LEGO. Steve is a relatively plain Minifigure, but I appreciate him for the character he portrays.

Darth Vader is the coolest Sith Lord ever. I literally bought set 75055 Star Destroyer just to get Darth Vader. I think this is the best Vader LEGO has produced, and it is the last to use the old helmet mold. But to probably my editors surprise, he isn't my favorite Minifigure

The Generic City Construction Worker is at the top of my list. He was my FIRST Minifigure. I have so much attachment to this figure, He has been well played with and doesn't have his original hands.

So that is my top 15 favorite Minifigures as of May 2016.

That's all for now, thanks for reading.