LEGO Sorting

Hi everyone!
A few days ago, my dad requested that my brother and I returned is old LEGO Star Wars LEGO sets. I also decided to remove my collection from my little brother's. So I sorted all of our LEGO instructions manuals and cataloged all of my sets using

The next day, I dumped all of our LEGO elements onto our LEGO table in my bedroom. I excluded my Minecraft, Jurassic World and Bionicle sets because I already knew they were mine. I decided to sort the bricks by color before sorting them into their individual sets.

I then found a bunch of empty bins to put place different colors in. I then sorted for about three hours and went to bed.

I took this picture the next day.

This project will span over many weeks, due to my mother's rule about when I can build LEGO stuff. (EDITOR: Because if we don't have the rule, it's all-LEGO, all-the-time. And nothing else gets done. You parents understand.) I'll try to keep you all updated on how the project goes.

Thanks for reading, I'll try to post another update at the end of the weekend.