LEGO Bionicle Skull Scorpio Reveiw

Hello, everyone! Today, I have a review of the Skull Scorpio LEGO Bionicle set.

It is definitely a different sort of set. I only recall one set like this off the top of my head, the Lord of Skull Spiders. I'll start off with the masks again.

First off, we have the corrupted Mask of Stone. The corrupt Mask of Stone appears in this video. corruption happens when a "Skull Creature" puts on a golden mask and sucks out the power.

Next we have Skull Scorpio's mask. It is very undead-y, if that is even a word. It is very...evil.

This mask really creates a personality for the figure.

The arms are a very nice assembly. They have claws that can actually grip onto things. I like the color of the claw parts, but they don't seem to fit the mostly trans-neon green color scheme.

The arms center around a axle connector.

The upper arm has a newer bone piece, which was introduced this year.

Speaking of new parts, the rib cage piece is new this year as well.

Under the rib cage is an assembly for the legs.

It would have been better if the legs were poseable. I think it really may not matter, the legs are cool anyway.

In place of a stinger, you have a mask stealer, tail action feature. It works by pressing down on a lever, and the rest springs out.

I really like this feature. It doesn't exactly steal masks, but it looks cool. It is painful, though. (Yes, I tried that.) The pieces on the end are two new parts for this year.

Little trans-neon orange tooth pieces are on the axle on the side. I wish they were trans-neon green instead of trans-neon orange.

I can't really complain too much, this set was a very enjoyable build. I love Pohatu's mask, so getting the corrupt version was really cool. I guess that's it for this one.

Thank's for reading!