Mega Construx Halo Warthog Rally

 To say that I am usually late to reviewing sets is a massive understatement. This is honestly the norm that I have set for myself these days. So, in this fashion, I will review the Mega Construx Warthog Rally set a year after it came out. (Granted, I didn't pick up a copy until a few days ago.) This set comes with 314 pieces and retails for $29.99 in the United States. 

Building this set was a treat. I hadn't built a full Mega Construx set in a while. I think the only other full set that I own is the Xenomorph Queen from their Aliens lineup. Building this set was so different from a LEGO set that it felt like a breath of fresh air. The instructions were a touch hard to follow, but I managed. 

The Warthog itself is based on the appearance of the vehicle in the upcoming Halo Infinite. This warthog is based on the 343 era warthogs. Even though I myself am a fan of the Bungie era hogs, this one still looks great. The majority of the vehicle is built out of a nice metallic green color, with a dark grey array of bricks building most of the supporting structure.

The Warthog has working suspension, and it is a lot of fun to play around with. It has a lot of bounce when you push down on it. Unfortunately, it will occasionally break if you get too rough with it, but it is easily fixed. 

The Hog has seats for two, and you can slide one of the micro action figures into each chair. Unlike other Warthogs, this one doesn't have a way to secure your figure into the chair. There is a steering wheel and a small display for your figures to look at.

In the back is the ever-important turret for the marine to stand at. It rotates around on its base and can be tilted up and down. Towards the back, there is an antenna and some fuel tanks. My antenna came a bit twisted and bent, so it looks a little weird. 

Overall the warthog looks really accurate, which is something that Mega regularly does with their sets. I think that the only problem is that the suspension of the set makes it look like the hog is just a little bit too high off of the ground. 

The Master Chief makes his appearance in this set in his Gen 3 Mark 6 Mjolnir armor. I am a huge fan of this Chief design, and the figure is a pretty accurate portrayal of the armor. He comes with an MA40 assault rifle. The rifle looks great, and you can take the ammo counter off and swap it with other attachments if you have them. 

The set comes with a singular marine. This is the new style of marine figure that Mega introduced for Halo Infinite. They include foot articulation now and are generally more customizable than their predecessors. These upgrades have the unfortunate side effect of making marines taller than the Spartans. While properly scaling their figures has never been Mega's forte, this is a bit of a problem. A normal human should not be taller than a seven-foot-tall Spartan. However, I believe that they fixed this issue for future sets. 

Finally, two Jackal Freebooters are included in the set. These figures were first introduced in this set, and they are the first super-articulated classic Jackal figures. (The only other jackals like this used the old figure system that Mega retired a while ago.) These guys look absolutely hideous, and that is exactly how it should be. I think that they are perfect representations of Jackals from the upcoming game. Both of them have plasma pistols and energy shields. I really like the marbling effect on the shields. The last thing to note is the small hole on the head that can be used to attach headgear. I assume this means we may get sniper jackals in the future.  

Honestly, I am really happy with this set. It was plenty of fun to put together. I am super happy to have this thing on display because it looks so nice. The figure selection in the set is really good too. It is never a bad thing to get a Master Chief, and expendable marines are always great. I really appreciate the new Jackal figures, and I couldn't be happier with how ugly they are. Overall, I am impressed and happy with this set.