LEGO Jurassic World Dr. Wu's Lab: Baby Dinosaur Breakout

I have finally gotten closer to the end of my online High School classes. (At the moment I wrote this I had one assignment left.) So, what better way to celebrate the end of High School than with a LEGO set! I picked this up at my local Walmart for the normal retail price of $19.99. It was one of the few new sets that were on the shelves. Most of it had been picked over and there were only a few of the new summer sets for this year. I am most likely going to have a lot of trouble finding the new Star Wars sets if they ever actually release.

This set retails for $19.99 in the United States. It comes with 164 pieces and two Minifigures.

I really only bought this set for the baby dinosaurs included in this set. I knew as soon as I saw this set that I had to get it. The two baby dinosaurs included in the set are the baby Ankylosaurus and the baby Triceratops.

The baby Ankylosaurus is adorable. I think that the mold is excellent. It is dual molded which makes me incredibly happy. I also think that it is very cool that we got the larger Ankylosaurus this year so you can make your own happy family of Dinosaurs.

The baby triceratops in the set is equally as cute but much more functional. The dino looks like it has been triple molded which is very nice. The trike also has a set of bricks in the middle of its back so it can be ridden by people, which I think is really nice.

The first of the Minifigures in the set is Owen Grady. I believe that I own five Owens now, but I really don't mind. This variant has a print with canisters on his chest. His head print has two faces, one is pretty happy while the other is displeased.

This variant of Dr. Wu is exclusive to this set. The face print is ever so slightly different than the ones of other sets. He has a pretty nice torso print that has his name card on it. He isn't a really spectacular figure, but I am glad to get him nonetheless.

The majority of the pieces of the set go to building Dr. Wu's lab. Overall, the build is pretty simple but functional. There are a ton of stickered elements in the set, but unfortunately, they all have a clear backing. This makes the designs show less when they are applied to dark-colored bricks.

My favorite part of the build is the egg incubator. The mechanical arm actually works when picking up the eggs. The hatch that covers the incubator also fits really well.

There is a small habitat for the Dinosaurs to live in. It has a bit of foliage and a water trough. It is very basic and leaves much up to the imagination.

There is a large play feature in the set which you push down on a lever to break the glass down and let the dinosaurs escape. It functionally works well, but I think it is ridiculous. The dinosaurs can just walk around the glass. I think a bit of a fence is needed here.

Lastly, there is a small build for a table for Dr. Wu to work on. On the sides are some clips that you can use to attach the tranquilizer gun. There is a laptop with a sticker on it, which I think looks pretty bad because of the type of sticker.  There is a printed 1x1 brick that has a mosquito in amber. I really like this piece and I think it is a highlight of the set. There is also a microscope build which I think is pretty neat. There is some very nice part usage in the clear rounded piece that represents a petri dish

Overall, I think that this is a neat little set. I absolutely adore the new baby dinosaurs. They are my favorite thing that LEGO has made this year. The Minifigures are pretty good and the build is nice in some parts. I wish that they had used a different kind of sticker and given the animals a pen, but those are only nitpicks for me. Overall, I think that is a pretty great set.


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