LEGO Super Mario?!?

As today is Mario day, LEGO has had a surprise reveal of a upcoming Super Mario theme. This is honestly really surprising to me. I never thought this was going to be a thing. However, it does reflect TLG's efforts to branch out in terms of licensetd themes, with this theme being added to themes such as Minions and Trolls. I am actually hoping a licensed Nintendo theme works out and then we can eventually get more Nintendo based sets. (Please for the love of all things give me The Legend of Zelda sets.) This new theme marks another foray by The LEGO Group into gaming, following Minecraft and Overwatch. I honestly am really happy about this and I hope that more gaming themes come.

I am sorry for the long hiatus, I have been incredibly busy and I have simply not had time to run this site. I hope that this will mark a return to making content. I went through a bit of a brief LEGO Dark Age, but I am back and buying sets. 


  1. Moc lego seems to be a name that has been floating around recently, but I don't understand that many people forget in the Lego world, Movie is the new king


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