LEGO Star Wars TIE Fighter Attack Review!

I'm on a roll here with the Star Wars Reviews. Today I have another 4+ set review. The TIE Fighter Attack retails for $19.99 in the U.S. and comes with 77 pieces. That price per part ratio is kinda wacky, but it makes sense considering the large pieces used in the set.

The TIE fighter build is amazing for its size. It's engines are literally the perfect shape. The cockpit section is a bit smashed, but it works. The wings attach via Technic pins, so they are somewhat secure. The back has storage for the blasters, which is really appreciated. I think the cockpit is sparse, but it works just fine. 

There is also a bit of the Yavin IV base included in this set. I think this is slightly better than the one that came in the A-Wing set. The Death Star display is really cool. There are also a couple of boxes for some reason. 

The TIE Fighter Pilot is fairly hard to come by. He has only come in two other sets. I do really like the design. I am not too sure what is up with the silver stripes though. He is, of course, yet another angry clone.

The Rebel Trooper in this set only comes in the Tantive IV set, so this is quite nice. His blaster is a nice pearl silver. I really like this design. I think it would be nice to get more of him. Since this is such a cheap set, it may work to build a bit of an army.

I have honestly been pleasantly surprised with the two 4+ sets that I own. The vehicles are really accurate for their piece count and the figures are spectacular. I think you may want to pick this up for yourself or for the young builder in your life. Anyways, thanks for reading!