Elite Praetorian Guard Battle Pack Review! (LEGO Star Wars)

So. The Last Jedi. Everyone loved that film. Right? Or am I just in a very small minority who can accept a movie that wasn't what they expected. Throwing shade at my prequel loving friends aside, there were some cool scenes in this movie. Like the fight in Snoke's Throne Room. I loved this scene in the movie, and it was definitely one of the highlights of the film. Now, I  am a normal human being, so I don't have the seventy bucks to buy the actual throne room set. Special thanks to my mother for surprising me with this set.

Anyways, this set comes with 109 pieces and retails for $14.99 in the United States.

The main build of this set is a little bit of the Throne Room. It has two spinning platforms and a couple of attachment points. The turntables are supposed to allow you to have your figures battle each other in a style reminiscent of Spinjitzu. I think it is a fairly mediocre build. Sets like the Rogue One Stormtrooper Battle Pack have show that LEGO can still make decent Battle Pack builds. But this is a step back. There is a small weapons rack, which can attach to the spinning base thing. 

There is a cool droid side build. It uses a clear stand to hover, and that can be used to attach to the spinning platform. It uses a blaster that first showed up in the Alien Conquest theme from 2012. It also has an arm which can move around. He has a lightsaber for some reason beyond me. In any case, I think he is a cool figure. 

Let us get to the real stars of the show: the Minifigures. First we have the legendary First Order Stormtrooper. His head is the hard to find Angry Clone head. This figure alone has sold me on this set. 

Joking aside, the Stormtrooper is a bit out of place. I would have liked another guard figure instead. There weren't any Stormtroopers in the Throne Room when the fight took place, so I don't see why he is here. He is the normal run of the mill Stormtrooper, but he would be more at home in another set. 

One of the Guards uses the helmet that came in the Throne Room set. The only difference between the figures is that this one has printed legs instead of a skirt. His weapon is a dual edged sword thing. He also has a weapon similar to a nun-chuck or something.His shoulder armor is a cool piece that also debuted in the Throne Room Battle set. 


The other two guard figures sport a new helmet, which I think is spectacular. They both have long spear like weapons using fairly similar builds. They all have the same torso, legs and armor. The heads are actually just red Minifigure head pieces

Overall, I like this set. It has a fairly cool selection of Minifigures. It is a shame that the build is so lackluster. Anyways, what do you think? Leave a comment below!