Spider-Man Far From Home Sets Revealed!

The three Spiderman Far From Home sets have been revealed! I personally like only one of the sets, the other two are pretty bland to me. So, let us get right into this!

Molten Man Battle - 294 Pieces

The best part of the set is the stealth suit Spider Man, who looks really sleek. The Mysterio figure comes in every other set, so he isn't that special. Molten Man looks like a mess to me, which I would assume is intentional. But the build seems sloppy in a way, or maybe kind of childish?

Hydro-Man Attack - 471 Pieces

I really like the inclusion of Peter without the entirety of his suit. I wish more of the Marvel and DC sets had figures like this. Getting MJ is pretty cool, but the torso print isn't new, which kind of bothers me. Hydro-Man looks okay, and his water tornado thing is fairly bland to me. I love the setting of the build though. We do not get good builds like this in Superheroes sets very often. I think that the bridge and small building look gorgeous. I love the small gondola included in this set as well. 

Stark Jet and Drone Attack - 504 Pieces

This set feels like a letdown to me. I don't think the Happy Minifigure looks at all like Happy in the films. The Spiderman and Mysterio figures have already come in other sets. The best part of the set is most definitely the Nick Fury Minifigure. The jet looks swooshable, but the interior seems cramped. I think that the set will cost way more money that it is worth.