Avengers Endgame Sets Revealed!

So, the Endgame sets have finally been revealed by several international Amazon sites. I feel like this is a fairly strong wave of sets, and several I really like. Let us get into it!

Captain America: Outrider Attack - 167 Pieces

This is probably my least favorite set; it is yet another over-sized motorcycle that is utterly ridiculous. I do like the use of claws on the Outrider figures, and the new headpiece for Captain America looks great. 

War Machine Buster - 362 Pieces

I really like the character of War Machine, so I am very excited for him to get his own Hulkbuster style suit. The massive stud blaster on the top is a little much in my opinion, but it will be fun for kids to play with. The best part of the set is the movie accurate Ant-Man helmet, which is a nice update. If only they could do that for Wasp...

Iron Man Hall Of Armor - 524 Pieces

This is another solid set, and it seems to confirm time travel will be a part of Endgame. I am happy that we will get Iron Man suit variants such as the Mark 1, the Mark 5, the Mark, and the Mark 38 (or Igor). I like the modular construction of the set, and I love the inclusion of one of the arm robots. 

Avengers Ultimate Quinjet - 838 Pieces

I have never been a fan of the Quinjet sets, but this one is fairly cool. I think the new Chitauri figures look kind of silly, but other than that it is a cool set. 

Avengers Compound Battle - 699 Pieces

I guess this one confirms many theories about Endgame, such as the importance of Captain Marvel. This is a fairly cool set, but it seems that it will be incredibly overpriced. I like all of the new variants in this set. The helicopter is a simple build, but I do like the little buggy included.