Mega Construx Terminators Review! (Mega Construx Heroes Series 3)

I am back to my old ways again! Yep, the Mega Construx Reviews are back...

I really appreciate the Mega Construx Heroes line. It provides a variety of figures from many licenses for a pretty reasonable price. I love the fact that it is less constrained than a normal theme, and the lineup changes up every wave of sets. I have been excited for the third wave of sets, because they released two Terminator figures. I got these as soon as I saw them in my local Wal-Mart. They were around five dollars each and were sold separately. These figures are both based of Terminator Genisys, but you could look at them from a distance and pretend they are from Terminator 2.

The first figure is the T-800 Guardian, who is played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. I think that this is a pretty good likeness of the character. The face is a pretty accurate for a small plastic toy, the printing leaves something to be desired, though. The silver for the exposed endoskeleton does not align properly, and the hair print does not line up quite right. However, those are pretty small flaws and are barely noticeable. One of the lower arm segments has been replaced with a Terminator Endoskeleton Arm. It bothers me that the arm isn't able to bend like to other one. The mold is pretty good, despite not being as articulate.

 The torso has a jacket attachment. It looks a bit odd on the sides, but it makes the Terminator look bigger. When the vest-like thing is taken off, it reveals a strip of grey paint on an all black torso. It looks quite odd on without the vest. The shotgun mold is spectacular; it has a ton of detail. The paint is very clean as well.

Overall, the T-800 isn't bad. What irritates me the most is that this is not an original figure; it was used in their Terminator Genisys theme from a few years ago. I would have preferred to get an intact T-800 instead. I don't think this is a bad figure, it could just be better. I still enjoy having it on my shelf though. 

The T-1000 was scary as heck when it was introduced in Terminator: Judgement Day. I haven't seen any of the movies after T2, so I don't know how cool this specific Terminator is. I do think it looks really cool. The silver coloring is a paint application, so there are parts of the figure that aren't the bright silver. The printing of the police badge is off as well, which irritates me. My favorite part of the figure is the swap-able hands. You can take the normal hands and turn them into the massive claws that he uses in the movie. They are capable of holding a 3:18 bar, but it looks kinda odd.

Both of these figures come with a stand, which is made of three pieces. The name of the character is printed on the front of each one. I quite like the stands; they are stable and look nice.

I feel that both of these figures have the potential to be pretty good, but they fall short. The T-800 is a re-release of an older figure, which you can still get for a decent price. The prints on both figures are sub-par, which probably shouldn't have surprised me. I think the figures are fun to have and play with, and are fine figures for their size and price. I would recommend these with caution, only buy them in stores so you can check the quality of the figure before you buy.

Anyways, that's all I  have for now, thanks for reading!