LEGO Marvel Outrider Dropship Attack Review

Well, I'm not too big of a Marvel fan, but I have seen a few of the Marvel movies. I did recently watch Captain America, and I was excited to see him in a relatively cheap set. This set is based on the recent Infinity War movie, that I have not seen. (So this review is spoiler free) So please excuse any errors in this review.

This set comes with 124 pieces, four Minifigures, and retails for 15 dollars in the U.S.

The main build is a dropship type vehicle. I think it looks pretty cool. It is a pretty sleek build. I do think the stud blasters in the front look a little off because of the way the handles work. The large panels on the side look pretty cool. I like massive sticker on the side; it looks like a nebula. The little wings have stickers on them. The one gripe I have with the dropship is the massive open space at the top of the vehicle. The pod opens up so you can allow your outriders to have some fresh air. 

The interior is kinda sparse There is a console for the Outriders to drive the vehicle. There is a little stand for the Space Stone. The Infinity Stones come on a circular sprue that includes four of the stone that comes in the set. The actual Stone is pretty great; I do like the design of the stone, and they seem to be reusable. The bottom of the cockpit holds the foot holder plate to keep the Outriders in place. 

The vehicle has a very unique design. It isn't something that is seen to often in brick form. The vehicle isn't too swooshable because of it's odd design. But the stud blasters to add some fun to this relatively basic vehicle. 

Let's be real, you are not going to buy this set for the build, even though it is relatively nice for the size of the set. You will probably buy this set for the Minifigures. I really wanted this set for the Captain America Minifigure, because I recently saw both Captain America: The First Avenger and The Winter Soldier for the first time.  I do think this an odd version of Cap however. First we have the beard. I know that he has one in Infinity War, but I still think it looks strange on him. It's not a bad head print though, and I think it can be reused.  It is a double sided head, and that makes me happy. The torso print is nice; I personally think it looks pretty cool. The legs aren't printed, which is a bit disappointing. I do not like Captain's accessories. I know he got rid of the shield sometime during Civil War and he gets replacements during his time in Wakanda. But they look nothing like what appears in the trailers or other toys based on the movie. He looks like an offbrand Wolverine or Shredder. But I'll be honest. I couldn't think of a way to make the new shields without a new piece, so it isn't really the LEGO designers fault.

Next we have Black Widow. Who is blonde now. Okay, that is kind of unexpected. This figure doesn't  look much like the traditional Black Widow, but it is accurate to the in-universe character. I feel like her torso is much too bright. A darker green would have worked better. She comes with two faces; one side is nonchalant, the other is angered. Black Widow's torso printing does look nice despite the odd color. She has leg printing too, which is nice. She comes with these trans-light blue 318 bars. I assume they are supposed to represent some sort of energy weapon. They work, and that's all I can say. 

The set also comes with two Outriders. I think that they are freaking awesome. I love their design. Their head prints are double sided. Their torsos are amazing. I love the detail put into the body. The printing on the back of the torso is not always seen, but it looks incredible. They have a piece that was introduced for the Infinity War sets on their back. It allows for them to have four extra arms. It does look really cool. But what is not cool is the lack of leg printing on the legs. LEGO put the effort in to print the back of the torso, which cannot be seen because of the back thingy, but they did not print the legs. Sigh, I'll have to make do with what I have. These do come in three of the Infinity War sets, by the way. 

Overall, this is a pretty good set. The design of the dropship is good. It works for it's size. I love having the Outriders; they look freaking amazing. The design of Captain America is pretty good, minus the claws. Black Widow is pretty accurate to the movie. Captain America and Black Widow are exclusive and the Outriders are good to amass an army of.  Can I really complain when there are exclusive figures, an Infinity Stone, and nameless goons in a 15 dollar set? Not really. The set is pretty great. I recommend getting it If you are a Marvel fan, or like to get new LEGO Parts. This is currently the cheapest way to get many of the parts in this set. I like it a lot, what are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading!