Baby Raptor Playpen Review! (LEGO Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom)

I love dinosaurs. Many should know that by the amount of Dino related content I have posted. This is probably the best polybag in recent memory for me. Why? It has a dinosaur. A adorable little dinosaur. Alright. I'm excited about dinos, again. Well, here we go! This set retails currently for around three to four dollars. I'm not to sure; Brickset still has this set listed as a promotional item.

From Brickset

This is a relatively basic set. It is a simple playpen for the raptor. It is kind of cute, and it  could be expanded with multiple copies of this set. It has a little water dish for the raptor to drink out of. There is a bit of flora. The side opposite the water dish has a leg of presumably a bird danging from it. It is nice. The telescope pieces are used as bars for the cage, but they are impractical because the door is left wide open.

Also included in the set is the little baby raptor. It is so freaking adorable! The design is great! I love the detail on this figure. It is such a cute mini version of Blue. I do think it is odd how the eyes are never centered on these little dino figures. That does annoy me, but it is somewhat understandable. 

So is this little set worth it? I mean, if you cannot get one of the larger sets that include this dinosaur (like me), it is. You get a relatively hard to come by piece. It is a cheap little set, and I would love to get multiples to make a pen. It may be possible to use the baby raptor piece as a fully grown microscale raptor. That opens interesting ideas up. I personally find no flaws in this set, and I recommend this set for those with more restricting budgets. Anyways, that's all for this set. 

On a more personal note, school starts tomorrow for me. And you probably know what that means. I will have reduced time to write and publish posts. I spent a lot of my summer last year preparing for the fall, but my summer has been incredibly busy.  I have two more sets that I can review, so look out for those. Otherwise, I will be frequently absent from this site. Posts will come, but they will be infrequent. Thank you for understanding, and thank you for stopping by!