LEGO Minecraft The Mountain Cave Revealed!

The LEGO Minecraft team have once again created a set that will bust many wallets. They have also created a set that embodies the core element of Minecraft, caving. It looks to be an amazing set, but it posseses a hefty price tag.

It seems that the set will retail for $249.99 and will be a Shop@Home and LEGO brand store exclusive. It has a whopping 2863 parts and 6 normal Minifigs plus an angry wolf and baby wolf, a slime, a bat, a black sheep and a cave spider.

The 6 Minifigures are Alex in full diamond armor, Steve in full iron armor, a Skeleton with a gold chestplate, an Enderman, a Zombie and a Charged Creeper.

The most notable thing about Alex is the inclusion of a shield, which was added in Minecraft PC Edition 1.9. Steve has an enchanted pickaxe, which has only come in one set so far. Other than that, the figures have already come in many sets, so they are nothing new. 

The Zombie, Skeleton and Enderman are nothing new, but it is good to amass many of them. 


The black sheep is a new addition to the lineup of sheep variants. It's nothing too new, no recolors, but there is a new print. 

The Bat is a new to LEGO Minecraft, and it looks decent for its size. The wings should be angled back, but I think that can be fixed by moving the back-plates that are used as wings. 

The Cave Spider is nothing too spectacular, as we got one in the The End Portal. It looks very similar to the in-game version which is good. 

The Wolves are a new variant of the previous iteration. These have the red eyes that are characteristic of wolves that have been hit and are attempting to attack the player. I would have preferred if the designers had included alternate heads for when they are in their peaceful state. 

The Charged Creeper is a rare occurrence that happens when a Creeper is struck by lightning. I have played Minecraft almost every day for a year or two and I have never seen one. I think the LEGO version does the original source justice. 

The last mob is a large Slime that holds smaller slime inside. You can take it apart and two small Slimes will fall out. I like the look of the Slime in LEGO form, but I am a little upset that the large Slime only comes in such a large set. 

The set is based on a mountain, and as such, it is massive. It has a minecart tack running down the mountain. The track eventually hits an elevator and you can pull up the minecart. 

There are several spots where you can place a light brick to light up a section of the build. 

The build also has several common Minecraft features such as waterfalls, trees and flora. There is also a small base for the player to live and sleep in. 

You can see more images here. I was a little late to the party in getting this news out, but better late than never. Summer is here and I am in overdrive writing reviews of sets I got a while back and  I am planning a new series of informative posts. I hope you all will stick around for those. As always, thanks for reading.