I found Stitch! LEGO Disney Minifigures Stitch Review

Hi everyone!

After a month of searching for the elusive blue bags of the Disney LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series, I found them and immediately searched for Stitch.

Oh! Words cannot express the joy I felt. (Editor: He's not kidding, folks.)

Anyway, I bought the figure at Toys R Us, so those looking for this series, look there.

Stitch is mostly a light blue color, but the torso and head are slightly darker than the arms, hands and legs. The torso has the belly printed on it.

There is even some minute nails printed on the toes of the legs.

The back printing is nice, a small and stubby tail is printed on the bottom.

Stitch has an all new head mold which captures the essence of the character in the movies quite nicely. There are slight indentations that show the nostrils. The eyes are raised and they look adorable!

The back has a bit more printing and there are dark blue tops on the ears. There is a little fluff of hair on the top and nicks in the side of each ear.

Well that's my review of the Stitch Minifigure. I really love the figure. I am a tiny bit upset that the colors are slightly different. I love how LEGO went all the way to make this LEGO Minifigures series shine.

That's all for now, thanks for reading!