MEGA BLOKS Halo Drop Pod Metallic Blue Elite

Hey everyone! I recently bought a Mega Bloks set. I am not going to constantly review Mega Bloks sets. I just wanted to get a set to see what it was like and what your responses are.

I am not a Halo fan and I have never played the game, so please excuse me if I get terms wrong.

The set came in a blue container which I think may be a cryogenic unit or escape pod.

It cannot connect to a base or anything. I opened it up to find all the parts in a plastic bag.  I opened the bag and an array of parts came out.

It took me a solid ten minutes to figure out how to build it, the instructions were REALLY  hard to figure out.

When I finally figured it out, I got this.

This is an Elite from Halo, one of the villains.  The figure has some VERY detailed molding. It is more detailed than anything LEGO has produced.

The figure is in a metallic blue for the armor and a metallic black for the body. The skin is a flesh color similar to that of darker toned minifigs. I do like the shininess of the figure, it looks pretty awesome.

The figure consists of 25 parts, which is a lot. The figure has a whopping 14 points of articulation. (A minifig has 6.)  I noticed the figure was made of an inferior plastic to LEGO's ABS.

The Elite's accessory is a Needler. At first, I thought it might be a tool similar to a nail-gun. This is actually a gun. (I had to look that up.) The molding is very detailed compared to the LEGO weapons.

The figure is actually covered in armor, that's what the guy looks like without it. My brother thinks it looks cute, but I say otherwise.

The Elite figure towers over a Minifigure.

The Elite also came with a base that has the Halo logo on it.

on the back, there is a print that says, A08065ES CHINA. I don't grasp why Mega Bloks has that printed on the back of their bricks.

The main plus of the Mega Bloks figure it the poseability.

I played with the figure a while and I learned it is pretty fragile. The arms, legs, armor and head are liable to come off in intense play.

 Those are my thoughts of this product, I made a list of what I did and didn't like about the set.

What I did like,

  • The insane poseability
  • The detailed molding
  • The low price
  • The different colors

What I didn't like,

  • The lower quality plastic
  • The bad instructions
  • How long it took to put together
  • The frailness
  • The numbers and China written on the back of the brick
  • The kind of useless pod thing
I am not sure whether I like it or not. I find the figure interesting, but I don't like the cheaper plastic. Please leave your thoughts on this set or the Mega Bloks toys in a comment down below, I would like to hear your opinions.

Thank you for reading, I'll post something LEGO related pretty soon. ;)


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