LEGO 21128 The Village revealed!

Yesterday, LEGO unveiled the much anticipated set 21128 The Village! I was really looking forward to the release of this set.

This set seems to be a part of the Ultimate Collectors Series. (or UCS) This set is massive, it has an even 1,600 pieces and a pretty large price tag of $200 US. It comes with a whopping eleven characters.

The set has a modular vibe with several different parts that can be rearranged in any way.

The set has a well in a desert biome. It is pretty game accurate, but the fact that it is in a desert biome but not in the desert biome style bugs me. You can also connect the desert area to the Desert Outpost set.

There is a little cave under the hut, which you can connect to your cave related sets.The area also has a snow biome that can be used to connect to the Snow Hideout set.

There is an area near a Jungle biome which you can use to connect to the Jungle Treehouse set. It seems that this sets allows you to connect to all the other sets in the theme.

The set comes with a blacksmith, which is one of the most raid-able buildings in Minecraft. It has the cool ability to hinge the roof to allow you to play in the building, not that most kids can buy this set.
The set also comes with a library. The library has some bookshelves, a spiderweb and a table.

You can leave the buildings open to expand the village. The set includes a marketplace which is not in the game at all.

The set comes with an Iron Golem, which is the same as the one that came in the Iron Golem set. I think it looks nothing like the in-game version. And if you want inspiration for a better Iron Golem Moc, see JANGBRiCKS' better version.

It also comes with two pigs, an adult and an baby. They have both come in previous sets. I really want an baby pig, I think they are just adorable!

The set comes with two Villagers, the librarian on the left and the farmer on the right. They have the same head mold that was used for the Iron Golem. They have a new molded torso that is a perfect representation of the character. They also have short legs, since their robes cover half their legs.

The set also comes with Steve and Alex, who aren't anything new. Steve gets an iron sword and Alex gets the highly valuable diamond pickaxe.

The set also comes with the famous Creeper. I hate these things, I cannot stand them in game, but they look really cool in LEGO form.

An Enderman and a Zombie also come in the set, and they have come in plenty of sets before.

And, the set comes with a Zombie Villager.

It is completely not what is in the more recent versions of Minecraft. As of Minecraft 1.9 (Computer Edition) or 0.13.0  (Pocket Edition) Zombie Villagers look more like villagers rather than zombies.

The LEGO Design crew also put together this video:
 I really like the set. My minor complaint about the set is that the Zombie Villager looks nothing like the in game counterpart. My main complaint is that it costs 200 dollars, which is a ton of money. It seems  to be a well designed set with a lot of customization.

What do you think of this new set? Leave your thoughts below in a comment. 

As always, thanks for reading.