LEGO Jurassic World Raptor Rampage Review

So, today I have my copy of the LEGO Jurassic World set Raptor Rampage to review.

I loved the movie. I saw it twice in the theaters and I have seen every other Jurassic Park film to date. So, with that said, I was ecstatic to receive this set for my birthday.

Anyway, you start off building Blue and Delta. They come in bags, so each part has a little bag. Yes, I do mean "each part." That was weird.

Delta looks a bit more natural and camouflaged. I really wish more parts came in that olive color.

I like the print on Blue's neck/head. I honestly like Delta better than Blue, even though Blue has a bit more of a role as the Beta of the raptor pack

They both come with a head camera that goes around the head.

Next up are the Minifigures. You get Owen Grady, Claire and a random ACU.

I really like Owen's torso. Guess what? The head and hair are the same parts used for Star-Lord. Claire looks pretty bland. I really like the ACU minifig. The tranquilizer gun is a new piece for me, I really like it though.

 I like the little knife on the back of Owen. The ACU's tactical vest is really sweet.

Only Owen and Claire get alternate faces.

The ACU gets his own printing under the vest.

The Unimog itself is pretty epic.

 I dislike the large sum of stickers used on the vehicle. I have nothing against them, I just cannot apply them correctly. I do like the Jurassic World sticker on the front, though.

 I love the railing piece used as a guard.
The roof comes off easily, it has four studs connecting it to the top of the cab.

 The back comes off in a separate assembly. I prefer to leave it on the truck. It can also be fun to build your own backs to the truck too.

Four stickers are on each side as well as two on the back. The bar on the side allows you to place a minifig, or a raptor on the side.

The doors both have stickers, each one is different.

Inside the back, you have a few computers and a slot for something you'll see later.

The two computers come out for your minifigs to use.

The "something" I mentioned earlier is a cannon. It slides in the slots on the side and fits in.

With it out of the Unimog, it looks like a little turret that can be used to take out a rogue dinosaur.

It also attaches to the top, it uses a 4x4 dish with a hole in it.

The suspension on the truck is great, it can roll over just about anything.

Owen gets a motorcycle to ride. The motorcycle body is in dark green.

I love Jurassic World, so this set was a must have for me. (Thank you, Grandma!) I love having a big giant truck with dinosaurs. I like the Minifigures and the accessories. So Jurassic World LEGO fans who want to get a Lego Jurassic World set, I think this one is the best.

I recreated a scene from the movie with my set, I just need Barry, Charlie and Echo.

Thanks for reading! Also, leave a comment if you feel like it. ;)

See you in my next post.


  1. Great review! Agree that the stickers are a bit much, but I think they give the van quite a bit of character.

    1. Good point, maybe the LEGO Group should invest in at least some more printed elements.


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