LEGO Bionicle Combination Model Skull Scorpio + Mask Maker vs Skull Grinder

Hey, everyone!
Do you ever wonder what would happen if Kulta got a hold of the mask of creation?

Well, you may see it in a official LEGO combination model. The model takes the Skull Scorpio and Mask Maker vs Skull Grinder and shoves them together to create this...
It is a giant monster thing that's undead and has the Mask of Creation. I dubbed him "Ultra-Kulta." Wow, it is huge. Compared to the original Kulta it is a behemoth.

His feet have only two toes, which is okay. The feet are two colors though, that kinda annoys me.

His knees are really complex. I enjoyed the complexity and learning new techniques.

The upper torso is cool, the hints of gold and blue from Ekimu are present. The giant spikes make him even more intimidating.

The back side is complicated as well

The spikes are on a free joint, so they can fall out of place. Oh, the knob turns one arm up and down.

He can use the staff to steal masks. It looks a little big though
The staff has a spike at the end, it's pretty detail.

In his other hand, Ultra-Kulta has an axe.

So, if you have both sets necessary, I suggest you build it before you disassemble your sets. I learned a few things from building it.
That's it for now, Thanks for reading.