LEGO Minecraft The Farm Reveiw

Hello, I have yet another review. Today it is the LEGO Minecraft set "The Farm."

As a Minecraft addict, I was really excited when LEGO released their Minecraft theme. I any case, I'll start off with what I recall to be the contents of the first bag.

It may look pretty odd with all the brown sticking out. The 2x4 bricks are so you can connect with the other sets. The crafting table in the front is a four piece assembly. All the decorations in this set are printed, so no stickers.

There is a poppy on the right side and a chest on the left. The chest looks a little too curvy to be Minecraft. Inside the chest is a loaf of bread.

The main build is a pen for two mobs, a cow and a sheep.

The fence part is a really monotonous build. The corners are stacks of oak planks.

In the middle are some 2x2 jumpers for the mobs to attach to.

The next bag is a waterfront with grain and carrots growing on it.

The grain is a recolor of the leafy part of a carrot. A fully grown carrot is also in the rows.

A birch tree is behind the crops. I really liked building up the tree, it is a nice inclusion in the set.

The leaves are attached to the tree by green brackets.

A little stream is in the front. Next to it are...uh, sugar cane. They look nothing like the Minecraft counterpart.

The pumpkin is a Minecraft minifig head in orange. It can be interchanged with Steve's head to make him "wear" the pumpkin.

There are a couple of torches on chiseled stone blocks. The chiseled stone is a pair of pieces with simulated stone bricks under a  2x2 jumper plate. The torches are a really cool part to have. They are two transparent bricks over a normal LEGO torch handle. The flame is trans-yellow and trans-orange.

There isn't much too see from the back except supports and blackness.

In the back of the instructions are "rebuild inspiration". It is just a rebuild of a part of the set.

The first part takes out the area at the top. It is rebuilt into a waterfall.

It leaves a hand full of leftover parts. It also doesn't fit the exact Minecraft dimensions. But it looks nice.

The second rebuild is lame. It is a stack of oak planks. Seriously, look.

Who stacks oak planks like that? It shows it being an escape route for Steve. It doesn't work at all in Minecraft, the skeleton would just shoot you off and you would take fall damage. Never do that in real Minecraft. It is also a waste of health on an axe if you cut them down.

Another thought is that it is for Steve to find his way back. In any case, I like the waterfall better. Next up, Minifigures.

First off we have Steve and  skeleton.

The prints are basic. They very much fit the characters they are portraying.

I really dislike skeletons in game. They are the toughest over world mob. The bow makes them very deadly. I know all this because, well, I have been killed many times by a skeleton. Even more than Creepers and zombies combined.

Other than what is on the front, there are no more prints.

They both get  their own weapons. The skeleton gets a bow and Steve a shovel.

The other mobs are a sheep and an cow.

The cow has a lot of parts. It allows for the white spots. The pink part represents the udder. Now I finally have a pink LEGO element (wooho. i'm thrilled. pink. yay.). Both mobs have a new headpiece.

I love this set. I love Minecraft, I love LEGO so this is a perfect LEGO theme. I enjoyed building it and I hope to get more of the sets (PARENTAL EDITOR: Dream on.). I really like all the figures and the mobs.

There is only one issue. I think the parts are made of a cheaper plastic. The parts don't seem to fit together as well. Also, a lot of the parts have small cracks in them. It seems pretty bad that LEGO used lesser quality parts.

Setting that aside, the set is great. I like being able to connect with other sets in the theme. I definitely recommend that you get it if you are a Minecraft fan. I hope LEGO keeps making these sets for a long time. I really like this set and can ignore all flaws since it is so great.

That's it for now. See you in the next post!