LEGO Target Minifigure Gift Cube Reveiw

My first review of of a LEGO set will be the 2015 Target Exclusive Minifigure Gift Cube.

The set is exclusive to Target stores and comes with a total of four Minifigures. Starting off, we have Kai from Ninjago. This variant is is the Rebooted stone armor version.
As torso prints go, this one is pretty epic. I love Kai's hairpiece, it looks sweet. I didn't have the minifig mask accessory or the katana scabbard piece before, so new parts for me!  

Here is a closer look at the face. I think it may actually be Lloyd's head, but it isn't a manufacturing mess up. 
And now the back print, with all the armor removed. Kai's symbol is on the back with more armor. No alternate face with him.
Kai is a pretty cool Minifigure. I don't have much of LEGO Ninjago, but I still think he is a cool thing to add to my collection. Moving on, we have Sir Fangar from LEGO Chima.
My first Chima minifig! He looks pretty cool with the prints on his torso and legs. The "Chi" is in the center of a ornamental saber tooth tiger's mouth. The head piece is one mold, and a normal minifigure head is underneath.
The cape came out all wrinkly due to the packaging, but I may be able to iron it flat.
Here is a look at the back printing with the cape removed. No alternate face for him either.
Despite the issues with the wrinkled cape, it is a really cool minifig. It is kind of unusual that it is a Chima minifigure, since it was discontinued a while ago. Anyway, up next is a diver from LEGO City.
Sweet, a diver. I can put him in a marina if I put him in one of my cities. Notice the arms, they are actually two colors of plastic fused together to create the short sleeves. I like the breathing apparatus prints, but I wish he came with an oxygen tank.
I like the face on this guy, it seems like a really useful face for Minifigures.
The back print has the 2015 Deep Sea Divers logo on it. No alternate face for him either. :(

 Next we have Lightning Lad from the DC Comics universe. I don't follow comics much, so I had to ask my dad who he was. He is apparently a superhero from the 30th or 31st century, depending on the comic book.
He has kind of a smirk on his face. The lightning bolts on the front are really cool. I love the detail of the little pouch on his belt,
He has a Lightning Lad emblem on his arm and the print from the front is continued around to the sides of the legs.
The print on the pack isn't as spectacular as the front one. Lightning Lad has more pockets on his belt. 

Oh, and this guy finally has an alternate face, yay!
The set comes with four light bluish-gray minifigure base plates, exclusive to only two sets.
Overall I really like this set, the figures are great. I love getting more exclusive things. The baseplates are a really cool piece. The only issue I have is the Sir Fangar's  wrinkly cape. No building was required, the figures came all pre-assembled.I definitely suggest this set, but only if you are able to fix the cape. 

I guess that's it for my first review, thanks for reading!