Ninjago Legacy Sets Revealed!

I am really hyped for the 2019 LEGO season. The Star Wars and Minecraft lineups have already got me excited. Bricksfirst has revealed the next wave of Ninjago sets.  I really love what LEGO Ninjago is doing this season. Ninjago Legacy improves upon sets from the earlier years of the theme. This further cerements Ninjago as an evergreen theme. I like quite a few of the sets. The new Stormfighter is great, as is the new Earth Driller. My favorite part of this theme is the new Monastery. It also looks like Spinjitzu is getting revamped with spinners for each of the Ninja, but I don't have images of that yet, but they are shown on the backside of the set one Spinjitzu below. I love that they have added new characters that weren't in Minifigure form before, like the Overlord in Season 3. I think the new giant Stone Warrior is amazing.

Spinjitzu Lloyd vs. Garmadon

The Samurai Mech

Monastery Training

The Golden Dragon

Kai's Blade Cycle and Zane's Snowmobile

Jay's Storm Fighter

Cole's Earth Driller

Ultimate Dragon Battle

Monastery of Spinjitzu