Mega Construx Halo UNSC Marine Defense Review

Y'all know I have absolutely no qualms about buying non-LEGO building toys as the "purist" LEGO community does. LEGO is never going to release Halo sets, and as Halo is my favorite gaming franchise, I have to look elsewhere. Mega Construx has me covered though. Their Halo lineup is phenominal, and I have spent more money on Mega products lately than LEGO. (I am a heathen, I know.)  Anyways let us get into this.

The main event of this set are the two marines and the two drones. I believe that both marines in this set are from Halo 3, but I honestly cannot keep track of all the variants in the Halo universe. One comes with an assault rifle and the other comes with an SMG. I really like the inclusion of the muzzle flashes with the figures. My larges gripe with these figures is that the print for the microphones on their faces is a little off, making some of their face a bit green.

The two drones or Yanme'e included in the set are pretty nice to get. I especially love that they come with larger stands that allow them greater stability while posed on their clear stands. Both drones come with a plasma pistol. I do dislike that the printing quality on these drones is inferior to the other drone I have. My older drone (which I cannot use for comparison as it is still in my dorm and I am trapped at home) had far more printing in it. There were prints on the legs and the two tail thingys. I feel like this step down in quality isn't justifiable, as the older done I have came in one of the significantly cheaper blind bag series.

There is a small build with some sandbags, which is pretty decent. I really dig these sandbag molds. The set also comes with a Missile Pod, which is pretty nice. I do wish it came with a way for the marines to hold it, but oh well.

Finally, the set comes with a brute tripmine in gold. This is done as part of their 10th Anniversary of the Halo line. I think that the inclusion of this is pretty nice. I do like the collectible nature of these golden weapons. It isn't a problem in this set, but there are other sets I own in which I would have liked a normal colored weapon instead of a golden one.

Honestly I think that this set is a little overpriced. The figures do not have the same level of quality as figures that come in the Heroes line or other sets. The other stuff included in this set is nice, but honestly doesn't justify a $16 price tag.