LEGO Star Wars 2020 Sets revealed!

The Star Wars hype train is real! We have a ton of new set images for sets coming in 2020! I am really excited for some of these releases!

Personally I love the Bantha v T-16 Skyhopper set; it is just like the excellent set with the dewback. The Sith Trooper Battle Pack confirmed my suspicions that every wave for a new film will have some sort of hard to get trooper that will come in a battle pack the next wave. I really like the Hoth 4+ set. It is quite cute and I think it will be a blast for younger builders. I am also glad to get a new Duel on Mustafar set. The last one came in 2005 and was kinda bad. Obi Wan's hut is really nice, and from what I can tell it comes with a Princess Leia Hologram. The Landspeeder set is a bit too soon, as we had one a few years back, but I think it looks good nonetheless. The Sith TIE fighter looks nice, and I think it has a cool design. And finally we have the obligatory X-Wing. I think the color scheme is a bit weird, but I like it anyways.

This is an odd wave for me. Four of the sets are from the Orignal Trilogy, and one is a Prequel set. Only four sets seem to be based on The Rise of Skywalker. I think this does say something about how well Disney and LEGO think sets based on the final film will sell. They are kind of using the original Star Wars as a crutch to help along this wave. But as a fan of the original films, I really cannot complain.

Kylo Ren's Starfighter

T-16 Skyhopper vs Bantha

First Order Trooper Battle Pack


Duel on Mustafar

Obi Wan's Hut

Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder

Sith Tie Fighter

Resistance X-Wing


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