Contact Me!

As there are now a million ways to contact people online, here are a few ways you can get ahold of me:

This is probably the best for formal inquiries. My address is, I will try to respond as soon as possible, but it may take a few days.

Twitter and Instagram:
You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter. I don't check those too often as I limit my use of social media.

Definitely the site I will most likely check. You can join my Discord Server and then @ me in the server. Please don't DM me.

Youtube Comments:
A fun section of Youtube also known as hell. Feel free to put anything you want (within reason) there. I will probably respond.


  1. Hello,
    In an effort to help my son promote more traffic to his LEGO blog site, I created a Facebook Groups page called LEGO Blog. We know you have a great site yourself and thought this group would be a great way to help promote your current and future posts.

    Feel free to post any of your links to your blogs at



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