Mega Construx Halo Master Chief vs Arbiter Review!

I love the classic Bungie Halo games and I have been trying to get a hold of more of the Mega Construx sets that include characters from those games. I was really excited to get my hands on the Master Chief vs Arbiter set. These Mega Construx sets have been very hard to find. Their Heroes style figures are a hot commodity and the newest figures are hard to find. I was incredibly fortunate to find them for half of at a Walmart. So, let's get into the review!

The set comes with two Micro Action figures and 51 pieces. It retails for 10 dollars, but you can find it for a myriad of prices online.

The Master Chief in this set is the Halo 2/3 version of Chief. I really dig this version of Chief, as it is my second favorite incarnation of his Mjolnir armor. (After the Mark IV of Halo: Combat Evolved.) The figure has a very nice silver wash that makes his armor look incredible. My only problem is that I think that the head size looks a little off to me. But other than that it is great!

Chief comes with a few weapons. The first being the iconic SMG. You can of course dual wield these. The printing looks really great on these. He also comes with the BR 55 Battle Rifle. I think that this also looks great. Chief also gets a few frag grenades to go with this as well.

The Arbiter figure in this set is equally great. His armor has a very nice metallic application that makes it look phenomenal. I am not too sure how I feel about his undersuit being purple. I would have preferred a black, but I think that this works.

Arbiter comes with an Energy Sword, which has a very nice paint application on it. He also comes with a Covenant Carbine. This weapon also looks great. The small Plasma Pistol included in the set is another great addition to the set. He also has a couple of sticky grenades, which are again very nice.

Overall, I love this set. I think it is great to get both iconic characters in such a cheap set. I think that this is one of the best looking Arbiters to date. (I have no idea what was up with that tan Arbiter from a year ago.) I think that is also a great way to get Chief.  Honestly, I think you should buy this set if you are lucky enough to find it in the wild.