LEGO Star Wars: Bespin Duel Revealed!

Hey everyone! Images of the new Bespin Duel LEGO set have surfaced, courtesy of Toys R Us Canada. I think that this is an amazing set. I love the idea of sets made for the 18+ range like this. It is a fantastic display piece of what I think is the best moment in the film. I adore the attention to detail here. Personally, I think that this is the best way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of what I consider to be the greatest film of all time. I really want LEGO to produce more sets like this from other moments in the films. Also of note, this is the best way to get the super detailed Darth Vader that only appears in the Final Dual set coming out this year. The set should be retailing for around $40, which is a bit pricey, but nonetheless worth it.


  1. I love that Star Wars is still such a popular thing! Lego really has created some awesome things!


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