War Machine Buster Review (LEGO Avengers: Endgame)

Alright. So I know Avengers Endgame came out in April, and it is literally November, but I gotta keep this site alive somehow. This set didn't even show up in the movie anyways. I love this build anyways. I am so very glad I got some form of a Hulkbuster. This one retails for $34.99 and comes with 362 pieces.

The War Machine Buster is really cool. The arms and legs are really pose-able. The arms use a ball joint at the shoulders and the legs use click joints at the bottom. The ankles use ball joints just like the shoulders. The elbows use a Technic pin, which is slightly limiting.

On top of his shoulders, the mech has a 6 shot stud blaster and a set of flick fire missiles. I like the functionality these add. You can remove them easily if you want. 

The torso has a couple of stickers which look really nice. The head print is centered really well and it looks phenomenal. The head lifts and the torso drops so you can put Rhodey in. There is also additional stud storage behind him.

Each of the hands has three fingers and a thumb, which allow it to pick up a ton of things. The arms also have stud blasters which can be removed and given to War Machine. 

War Machine is one of my favorite of the MCU's heroes. I personally think he is really underrated and deserves his own solo film or Disney + series. But that is just me. I like the black helmet he has, it looks really good. The head prints are both great as well. I think the stud blaster on the side works great. My biggest problem is the Quantum Suit. I think it looks awful because it is the same as everyone else's. War Machine's armor is massive and they don't show any indication that it is. His arc reactor is supposed to be showing too. The suit looks decent and is finely printed. I just wish there was more variety. 


Scott Lang, or Ant-Man is another of my favorite MCU characters. His new helmet looks great. If only they had used it for the Wasp... His quantum suit looks much better as it fits his normal proportions. His face and hair look a lot like Peter Parker though. I think they should have used the short spiky hair instead.

There are a couple of Outriders in the set too. One is a general, the other is a normal guy. I am not too sure which one is which.  I do like these figures. I have four now, which makes up a sizable force.  I like the Wolverine claws on the one with shoulder armor. 

I actually really like this set. It may be the best one I have gotten all year. It is such a joy to be able to pose the War Machine Buster. I like the figures (except for the quantum suits). The outriders are good to get in massive numbers. Overall, this set is a steal. I really recommend getting it. (Especially since it should be disappearing by now.)