PIQABRICK Kickstarter (Update!)

I was reached out to by the crew behind Piqabrick, a new Kickstarter project for LEGO fans. You can see a video of how it works below:

(Update: The annual subscription has been removed! There are 9 days left on the campaign and the project has reached 70% of its funding!)

The Piqabrick box uses a camera to scan the element and then it will find the piece you are looking for and then it will connect with several LEGO databases and websites. I think this is a cool concept and worth checking out. It does require an annual subscription which they use to keep their database running. The system uses an AI do do the work which I find to be super cool. The Piqabrick system will identify any brick down to the ID and color code, speed up the identification with computer vision, identify minifigs as well suggests similar bricks (by code or color). It also provides “appears in” functionality (list of sets in which a brick appears) and provides “rebrick” functionality (list of sets one can build with the bricks in his/her inventory).

For me personally, I don't see the value of using this for every part, but I do think it would be super helpful for that one time you find a part in your collection and you have no idea what it is. I think it would be nice for it to have some sort of feature to include complete sets in its system. I also really like that it does have the ability to integrate into your LEGO builds, even if that isn't the most practical thing. 

Hopefully, if the project gets it's funding, it can begin manufacturing this month and begin shipping out in February of 2020. So, if this is something that interests you, then consider supporting it on Kickstarter!