LEGO Minecraft 2020 Sets! Pandas!!!!

The upcoming 2020 Minecraft sets have been revealed in this massive onslaught of LEGO news. It happens every year at this time and I can barely keep up with it. But I shall try. Maybe I should be working on college applications instead. Well. LEGO is obviously more important, so here we are!

Two new large scale action figure sets have been revealed and I think they are both pretty nice. I really love the Creeper and I am very tempted to pick it up. It will probably have a low price tag too, which is a blessing for my wallet.

The Panda Kindergarten is literally the best set of this wave. I think I will try to get this one as soon as I possibly can. The pandas are simply so cute!

A lot of newer Minecraft features are given some love in this wave. This includes the pandas above and the Pillager and Ravager. They come spread out in two sets which is okay. I think the new crossbows are very nice. I just want to know why the Ravager is brown, they are clearly grey. It is also good to see the new Villager skins included. The player figure in the village set is giving me serious Ninjago vibes.

Finally we have a small Taiga set which is also really nice. I think this one is cute and the berry bushes are nice. I dislike the reuse of the Ocelot head for the fox, but it kinda works.