1989 Batmobile Revealed!

The official Images for the 1989 Batmobile have finally been released, but if you pay any attention to the LEGO online community, you probably have already seen this set. The set comes with 3306 pieces and has a price tag of $249.99 (US). The set comes with three fantastic figures. It is an absolutely lovely adaptation of the vehicle. I love it so much. I do find it interesting to note that this has been our third Batmobile of this year in this style.

The three figures in this set are phenomenal. We get Vicki Vale, Jack Nicholson's Joker and Michael Keaton's Batman. The Batman has a new molded rubber cape and cowl piece. It works perfectly in representing the actual suit. 

The model itself is a fantastic representation of the actual vehicle. I really like the the inclusion of the guns in the vehicle. Some of the detailing is fantastic. If I had the money, I would definitely have this on my shelf. (Also, I would need the shelf space.)