LEGO Star Wars Rebel A-Wing Starfighter review (LEGO 4+)

Guess what? I'm reviewing a set months after it came out. But I guess that is to be expected at this point. Today I have a review of a LEGO 4+ set. I find these interesting because they seem to call back to the early years of LEGO Star Wars. They also have a stupidly low price which means I can afford vehicles that are usually $60+.

The set comes 62 pieces and retails for $14.99 in the U.S.

 The actual ship is really cool. I recently realized that the A-Wing is one of my favorite Star Wars vehicles. I love the sleek design of the craft. All of the designs on the ship are printed and not stickers. I think the designers did a phenomenal job creating this ship with such a limited amount of parts. Granted, the bottom is just one large piece.

The cockpit opens to reveal a small console.  The pilot has to lay down for the top to close, but it isn't too much of a pain. 

The set also comes with a tiny section of the Yavin IV base. It really annoys me that we are just now getting Yavin IV stuff, but it is stupidly small sections.

The A-Wing pilot is really cool to get. He only came in the recent A-Wing set, so it is good to get him again. His helmet has some Aurebesh on it. I really like this figure. I will say that the printing on his legs is a bit thin; this has been happening on a ton of figures recently.

C-3PO also comes in this set. I am actually kinda surprised that this is my first copy of the figure. I do still really like him. The head mold is still really fantastic. I do wish that one of C-3PO's legs were dual molded so that his silver leg would look better.  I still really love this figure. He comes with a set of paddles which I assume are used to let the pilot know what he is doing.

Overall, I think that this is a cute little set. I think it captures the essence of the A-Wing quite well for it's small size. I think if you can afford the more expensive A-Wings, then go for it. But  this set is great for younger builders and can be amassed easily.